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The annotations display enormous runtime hit for your faddp instruction in mpg123, exactly where it does not definitely depend in MPlayer, for the sample spots.

This may need to perform with CPU cache efficiency. The non-assembly mpg123 code doesn't work out very well when compared to MPlayer's C code. I'd a peek and it really seems like the synth perform just needs (Significantly) extra time.

You can nonetheless argue that there is one thing sub-best with our 3DNowExt assembly (although it will work incredibly for that K6-III+), certain on the Duron's smaller cache. But then, profiling would not advise that there is excessive time expended in that code. Must certainly be a side effect generating other

You can find selected platforms that defy logic, or not less than convey out the utmost fuzzyness away from it. That fuzzyness is embodied somehow while in the Develop of MPlayer, shifting efficiency of aspects of code in every single place with no immediately touching them.

Is likely to be a reason for me not spotting everything Erroneous. The information driving this, needless to say, is the fact tuning items for the Duron should not damage general performance on more recent machines (which use SSE optimization in any case, d'oh).

There, the bare comparison concerning ffmpeg and mpg123, when the two decode to floating level numbers, confirmed two issues: Head-to-head, mpg123 is quicker than ffmpeg's mp3float decoder. The existing dct36 optimizations for 3DNow and 3DNowExt are literally worse than their simple C counterparts (generic or i386).

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As it's possible you'll recognize: I try to do away with the difficult disk at the least with the test facts by moving things to RAM. Even the K6-III+ has no challenge with sparing several of its 512 MiB of RAM (the duron setup has 768 MiB).

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Looks like the summand for the fadd is retained over the fp stack in mp3lib, but is grabbed from principal stack repeatedly for mpg123. A person indicator is the looks in the fxch instruction in mpg123's synth_1to1 functionality.

Double buffering may very well be switched on by utilizing the choice -double and should be disabled with -nodouble .

Description: This command line plan returns the suffix of the file title as defined because of the figures next the final "." inside the file name.

So, I received two troubles at hand: With 3DNowExt code, You will find a definite penalty that MPlayer gets in comparison to stand-alone mpg123.

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